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Joint Venture Opportunities

KP Fiduciary Solutions has over time entered into a number of joint venture's with legal firms, accounting and audit firms as well as financial services firms.

The nature of the joint venture agreements have essentially been collaboration agreements between KP Fiduciary Solutions and it's JV partner in creating a fiduciary solution for the JV partner's clients which would be valuable to all the parties involved.


Rational for establishing joint ventures 

The clients of the JV partner benefit from:

  • The introduction to and ongoing access to a focused, professional holistic fiduciary services organisation rendered by a professional team which is wholly focused to providing quality fiduciary services;
  • The services are offered at industry disruptive fees;
  • Confidence in the knowledge that KP Fiduciary Solutions has been vetted by the JV partner, and that the ongoing involvement of the JV partner's management will ensure the ideal environment;
  • Comfort in that the services rendered will be performed by a company rather than an individual, thereby ensuring continuity.


How will the JV partner benefit

  •  The JV partner will be able to offer vital services to its clients without the need for an investment in time, money or material effort. This helps the JV partner offer a more complete accounting, tax, legal and related advisory service to its clients;
  • The JV partner will introduce a professional fiduciary service provider to its clients without any risk of clients being poached;
  • The JV partner will earn passive income, based on the fees generated by KPFS on the services provided to the JV partner's clients; and
  • A base for a more comprehensive advisory offering to its clients.


Partnerships established in relation to available capacity


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