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About Us

KP Fiduciary Solutions was created in early 2014, when two fiduciary services executives along with Korner Perspective combined their commercial fiduciary services expertise into a single holistic fiduciary services’ offering.

The motivation for the creation was –

  • To provide greater continuity for clients by moving the roles of estate administrator, trustee etc. from individuals to a company;
  • To offer a more comprehensive fiduciary/ financial services solution to all clients (e.g. to include broader estate planning);
  • To add much needed related services such as high level tax planning;
  • To leverage off each other’s skills and experience and to use this for the benefit of all our clients;
  • To achieve greater critical mass, and to use this enlarged presence to market more widely and introduce required administrative and support services. 

KP Fiduciary Solutions aims to provide its clients with a professional one stop estate planning and fiduciary solution. We exist simply to help our clients navigate the overly complex, technical, and often emotional world of estate planning and estate administration by crafting simple and effective estate solutions.



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