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What We Are All About

KP Fiduciary Solutions is a high touch fiduciary services company that offers complete estate planning, estate administration, trust and company planning and administration services, including the critical aspects  of high level tax planning and accounting.

We offer a total solution, from the planning and design of the overall structure (e.g. the Will and trusts), to establishment and administration of trusts and deceased estates, as well as the accounting and tax services associated with the structure.

We also offer partnership opportunities to accounting, legal and financial services firms for the provision of our services to their clients.

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- June 26, 2020, 6:55 am

Why draft a Living Will? Making a decision in these circumstances is quite hard for the family members involved. This document allows them peace of mind knowing the decision has already been made for them. It also has the potential to save the family members medical costs.
h J R

- June 26, 2020, 6:55 am

Is it legally enforceable? Currently as it stands in South Africa a Living Will is not a legally binding document and it will to a great extent be determined by the moral views of the doctors.
h J R


Industry Disruptive Fees

Our core belief is to provide value for money and firmly believe we can produce quality work for industry disruptive fees.


We offer personalised solutions tailored to your personal family and financial needs and goals. Our aim is provide you with a solution that best brings about what you need.


We provide a holistic service ranging from the planning stage to the implementation stage with a team team specialising in fiduciary services.


Estate Planning

We do comprehensive estate planning. This service includes creating and reviewing estate plans (Wills and other structures), tax and estate duty planning, asset allocation, liquidity etc. We also offer employer initiated estate services for their staff.

Professional Will Drafting

KP Fiduciary Solutions offers a professional Will drafting and review service. This covers local Wills, Offshore Wills and Living Wills.

A professionally written Will is the cornerstone of good estate planning.

Administration of Deceased Estates

We strive to finalise estates as expediently, efficiently and cost effective as possible. We do this by offering a very personal service from a committed team.

Trust & Company Services

We provide full trust, company and PBO registration and administration services, such as trustee services and company secretarial services. These services also include BBBEE advisory and enterprise development.

Investments & Financial Solutions

We (via Korner Perspective) offer comprehensive investment and financiall planning solutions, including investment reciews, retirement planning, liquidity planning and risk benefit reviews.

Tax & Accounting Services

We offer high level tax planning and supervise tax compliance services through the client's tax advisor or through one of our JV partners. As well as provide basic accounting services to trusts, companies and PBOs.


Aside from providing quality holistic services to private individuals, KP Fiduciary Solutions also offers an outsourcing of fiduciary services through Joint Venture Agreements with various legal firms (including some of the top 5 firms), accounting and audit firms as well as financial services firms who are looking to ensure that their clients recieve holistic services.