Consider (someone or something) to be important or beneficial; have a high opinion of

Defining what is of value to you is vital to effective estate planning

Is family and providing for loved ones your top priority?

Is the ongoing management and growth of your wealth (money) important to you?

How important is leaving a legacy to you?

Do you wish to leave wealth to faith based organisations?

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What We Are All About

KP Fiduciary Solutions is a high touch fiduciary services company that offers complete estate planning, estate administration, trust and company planning and admin services, including the critical aspects  of tax and accounting.We offer a total solution, from the planning and design of the overall structure (e.g. the will and trusts), to establishment and administration of trusts and estates, as well as the accounting and tax services associated with the structure.

Estate planning is a process

Estate planning is much more than the simple drafting of a will or adding a trust to an estate plan.

True estate planning is the process (it often takes time to fully implement the plan) by which a family’s assets are structured to achieve the financial goals of the broader family in as tax (income tax, estate duty and CGT) efficent a manner as possible.

The ultimate goal is achieve the right balance between:

  • The effectiveness of the plan (i.e. the degree to which it achieves the goals of the family).
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Tax efficiency, and
  • Flexibility (i.e. the ability to adapt the plan to changing circumstances).

We approach estate planning from a truly holstic perspective.

This requires us to fully understand the situation, needs and objectives of the family (i.e. the planner, the spouse,  the larger family.)

This means getting a clear picture of:

  1. The family structure (e.g. where based, where and how support is to be given).
  2. The broader family’s financial plan, and the objectives of the estate plan.
  3. Existing fiduciary structures (e.g. trusts or companies), and what structures address the different needs.
  4. The assets making up the estate.
  5. The extent to which the current will and overall estate plan addresses the needs.

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