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What We Do

We at KP Fiduciary Solutions believe in following a holistic approach.

This requires us to look at not only the obvious areas of estate planning (e.g. the Will, trusts and estate duty) but to look at the clients broader situation (e.g. where beneficiaries are situated, retirement  planning, how their investments are managed), as all these elements have a role to play in the greater picture.

When broken down to its core, KP Fiduciary Solutions aims simply to help its clients establish relevant and sustainable structures that not only achieve their specific objectives but do so in a tax and cost-effective manner.

Our overriding philosophy is to get the basics right.  This starts with us properly understanding our client’s financial and family situation (assets, structures, family plans etc.) so as to get high level overview of the client and their needs.

Just as no two people are the same, we believe that no two estate plans will be exactly the same, and as such strongly resist the ‘once planned always planned’ thinking that is so prevalent in estate planning today.

Our Core Beliefs

KP fiduciary Solutions have the following core beliefs –

  • Understand the needs and circumstances of the client before doing anything;
  • Estate planning is an ongoing process, requiring regular reviews;
  • Every client is unique, and their structures should reflect this;
  • The estate plan must be practical and flexible;
  • To be diligent and disciplined in everything we do;
  • First get the big decisions right and then worry about the detail;
  • Tax is an important consideration, but it is not the only consideration;
  • We charge a reasonable price for the service we deliver;
  • Be honest...do what is right not what is convenient;