Estate Planning Process

Proper estate planning is a complex and (potentially) emotionally demanding process, as one must carefully balance the resources available against the needs of the family, while being optimal from a tax and cost perspective.

Whilst many people would prefer to rush through the process, we urge our clients to remember that we are effectively dealing with the fruits of a lifetime of effort and that the decisions taken could affect their beneficiaries for decades to come. 

We urge our clients therefore to (regularly) commit adequate time, energy and diligence to their estate planning.

The critical starting point of any estate plan is to start with the end in mind (i.e. define what  you wish to achieve).

This requires answers to questions such as:

Are your children to immediately benefit (capital) upon your death?

Would you like to use a trust structure to provide for the ongoing needs of my children and grandchildren?

Would you like to donate a meaningful portion of your estate to a public benefit organisation (PBO)?

Are the family businesses to continue as before, and if so who will manage them?

While the will is a critical element of an effective estate plan, it is only one of a number of parts, all of which require adequate attention.

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